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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-07-19 21:07:43
Subject: Water!

It´s not only raining cats and dogs here frequently, but we´ve had city water the last 10 of 12 days. While you wouldn´t want to cook with the water, it certainly is nice for showers and keeps us from having to go to the Mennonites 3-5 times filling barrels for washing clothes. This is a huge time saver. Also, our maid Xiomara is wanting to earn extra money to continue construction on a home for her husband and daughter. They´ve been living with her mother-in-law for years. So, she is working extra hours, making dinner and putting me out of a job. As a result, I am making bread, dessert and generally fattening the boys up. The boys and our children are working hard keeping the yard under control with machetes. The horse, donkey and goats are chipping in too.
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