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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-08-22 13:03:20
Subject: Value and Poverty

It seems that I never journal!  I do at home, but I rarely get it to internet.  This is one thing I want to get better at, because it really helps me to share what goes on here and the things that come to my heart.  Please feel free to reply and dialogue with me on issues I bring up, or what comes to your heart!  Communication really helps has been a hard 7 months, and we still face huge challenges, new ones everyday.  But our family is happy, we are not struck down or destroyed!   One of the things that I pray about here, and have a heart for is the lack of value.  I see hundreds, thousands, of people that see no value in themselves, no value in others, no value in life.  It is something that is so sad to me.  I see that so many of the things that cripple the people here and the country, are really boiled down to no feeling of value or worth.   I  know that it can only be found in Christ, and I  know that we all still struggle with this.  But it is so extreme here.  Imagine having no running water, barely enough food to make it through the night, no education, no hopes of education for your children, no extras.  I donīt want to guilt anyone, but truly, that is how so many live.  How would you awaken every morning, assured that you have value to our Heavenly Creator and to the world?  Is our faith that strong?  For so many here, no it is not that strong.  Many here have been raised in a Catholicism that is intertwined with the ancient ancestrial idol worship and animism.  The early ancient missionaries would mix the idol worship with Christianity to include and draw people in, so much exists today.  Only the entire, non watered down truth can set us free.  I pray that the leaders of the churches, the people here will except nothing less from the Word.   On a personal level, I see it in the boys we have.  Some of them have never known that they were loved, wanted, accepted, or could be enjoyed.   They donīt see past the poverty, because they have never lived in anything but poverty.  It clouds their perception of life.  Lately we have really been struggling with yucky behavior patterns popping up in the children here.  They have lived through such atrocities.  It is no wonder we deal with things like stealing, sexuality, etc.  But I so want to see the boys no longer under the grips of past sin of their families, and their own.  I know it is a daily process, daily renewing the mind, daily being discipled and disciplined.  That is one of the things that makes my heart heavy sometimes.  I know that I donīt possess the wisdom to eradicate all that they struggle with, yet I pray and hopefully walk in obedience to what God shows us.  Only He can change a heart.  He can bring that sense of belonging and value that is needed.  And as parents, caretakers, we can bring that sense of value, worth, competency, and belonging also.   So pray for me to have patience to deal with the little nitty grittys.  To always be mindful of the eternal picture.  Pray for our home to be a place of love and acceptance.   Paula

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