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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-08-28 11:11:32
Subject: Update

Hello all! Usually I am so rapidly trying to give you our week in review that I don´t remember to share some of the precious stories that make our life so rich.  So I want to share some recent personal blessings.   We had recently met a remarkable lady on the next mountain up that also has a  children´s  home.  We bumped into this precious lady several times in town and always were blessed by her visit.  The Lord has blessed her to care for 13 children, a school, a church, and soon medical facilities.  IN our weeks of visiting we have been encouraged by her walk of faith.  She recently blessed us with the generous gift on enrolling Fredy, Ely, Arnol, and Reynaldo in  their christian bilingual school.  Right now the school goes up to 2nd grade.  I took them to school today!  They follow a North American schedule.  This is a direct answer to our prayers for their education.  We were so concerned with their daily homework of drawing bugs!  We continually pryaed about it and also do Kinde. in English with the boys in the afternoon.  Now Hannah and I will be able to volunteer a little time at the school!   Hannah was blessed personally this week.  She had shared with me that she had read everything we had to read for her.  SHe is an avid reader.  She loved going every week to the library in the states.  I was sad, I thought, my baby has given up so much!  As a mom I worry about my 4´s huge change in lifestyle and conveniences.  SO I prayed as did Hannah.  Just yesterday this same lady brought us a box of books to use.  It has a set of American Girl books (Hannah´s rage!), some chapter books, and a beautiful book of clonial paper dolls to be cut out.  Anyone that knows Hannah knows that was a hand delivered love letter from the Father that loves and cares for her even more than I can.  He is good to His children.   Also in the box was a really neat Bilingual Walk through the Life of Christ.  I will be so happy to use this resource with the boys.  Honduras is not overflowing with print materials that have English and Spanish.   We have all jumped into Awana´s (Oansas here).  Hannah and I work together to direct the Cubbies.  Over 50 little guys.  We have 4-5 helpers or leaders.  They just needed a planner!  John was able to say all of his verses for the Start Zone in Spanish!  My 4 did Awana´s in the states in English and so are now working hard in Spanish.  They boys love Awana´s and are working on their verses diligently.   This past week we celebrated Ely´s birthday.  He was thrilled.  He received a great truck to play with outside and a Nerf type gun.  FUN! Our garden continues, pigs are growing.  We have a male and a female to breed, and 2 young ones to consume.  Mark is ready to process, eat, and sell!  Next on the list, slaughter house and smoke house!   Our oldest daughter Hannah, has for the past 2 weeks attented the youth sunday school at church.  She is understanding the teacher really well.  She asked us if she could attend the youth services on Sat. evenings at the church.  We are so proud of her for jumping in and not being stopped by the language barrier.  This will encourage the 2 older boys to get involved in youth and form relationships.  Mark will take them on Sat. evenings.     Water still comes and goes.  Thankful to have it when we do.  The oranges are ripe on the trees, and bananas are harvested daily.  Right now seems to be watermelon season, and ours are looking larger every day.  We have a new row of spinach coming up, still lettuce, zucchini, and cucumbers.  The jalepenos are starting to ripen as are the bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.  Salsa will be ready soon!   Mark´s mom will be visiting this next week!  We are so excited.  It is her first time to Honduras, or any third world country.  Pray with us for her.  Our kids are elated.   Bless all of you, thank you for loving on us.   Thank you for the pictures from those that have visited and emailed!  Love to hear from you, Paula

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