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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-09-25 11:55:37
Subject: Monday September 25, 2006

Hello!  Once again I am very much tardy with an update.  Please know that we would like to keep you more informed but time pulls and we have to drive into town to use the Internet.  I write the updates at home because I just can't think at the Internet places with the music and people to see!   We seem  to have all passed around sickness lately, but all are on the mend.  Ely had bronchitis and ran a very high fever that scared us.  Thankfully the Dr. saw him rapidly and prescribed antibiotics.  Timothy, John, and Hannah had throat infections.  I myself went to a local OB/GYN because of pain and abnormal bleeding.  I am on meds for an infection and will have more tests run on Tuesday.  Please pray with us for my health and energy.  I have been just zapped by this infection.  We have no new news to report on Ely or David's bloodwork.  They will be going back soon, as will Carlitos for rehab.   The younger boys are adapting well to their new school.  We really see a difference.  Fredy is learning so much, as is Ely.  In their prior school they really had been given up on.   We are so thankful for God's provision in this school.  Pray for continual financial provision for this school.  The cost is great to run a quality school here and the students are the poorest of the poor here.  Children are able to attend because of sponsors.   The school year is winding down for the older boys.  Their year is over in November, so they are having many tests to catch up on now.  Rolman and David, our oldest, will attend colegio in town next year.  Colegio is 7th grade - finish here in Honduras.  We pray to make a good choice in schools.  It costs money to go these grades here.  There is a public school, it also has tuition, and is not a wonderful education.  There are several other options we are looking into.  All involve a bus ride into and from town everyday.  Of course all of this concerns a mother!   The garden continues to flourish and our pigs have been mated.  Mark is very excited to butcher 2 young ones in October.  We should have piglets in January.  Mark is now working with the boys to clear a field to grow soybeans.  This is something we need to feed the  pigs.   Mark's mother Judy came to see her grandbabies (and us)!  We were so happy to have her.  We enjoyed a few quiet days in Tela with her and then back to the hub of excitement.  We had days with and without water and electricity during her stay, so she had a well rounded Honduran experience.   Everyone is loving Awana's and Hannah and I are on our toes with the Cubbies.  We have over 70 children in Cubbies alone now.  Try doing group games with 70 3-6 year olds!   Our residency here in Honduras is complete and our cards have been received.  Many ask, so I will tell, YES, we are still US citizens.  Now we are also Honduran residents.   I want to share some prayer and provision needs.  I know sometimes I use too many words, but please bear will me as these are important to us.   We are currently working on arranging to spend about a 6 week visit in the states over the Holidays this year.  We have grandparents and family we want our children to stay connected with!  So as you can imagine there is much to manage here.  We will have our maid Xiomara, farmer,  and helper Elvis, staying on.  In addition we will hire a live in overseer.  That is the big one!  We are currently asking someone but have no word yet.  We will hire an extra maid for the weekends so that Xiomara can have Saturdays off (already off on Sunday), since we imagine she will feel very responsible.  We already have this lady currently working with us on Sundays.  Then we will hire a childcare giver from 1-5 pm everyday, and all day on Saturday.   This will be so that the overseer can be just that, and have the freedom to leave the house.  We believe we have this person also.  We also will have another farm worker, he is a young man that just started working for us now to be trained.  We will also be asking a dear young lady to come 1 time a week, take inventory, and do the grocery shopping.  She is our local Pastor Gustavo's daughter, Kory.  We are asking the members of the board to take turns making surprise visits once a week, and have our Pastor drop in also.  We have 2 American couples that serve as missionaries in our town here that we are going to ask to handle the funds while we are gone.   We have a HUGE blessing in the works of an incredible lady from New Hampshire possibly coming to stay over Christmas.  She visited in the summer with us.  This is at her volunteer.  Can you believe?  I know I never volunteered my Christmas to serve on the mission field in a foreign country!  Even with all of our bases hopefully over covered, we still have concerns.  We love these boys and don't want to bring or reopen the pain of abandonment or fear.  Only God can step in and cover and guard their hearts.  Please pray for this time.  It is not easily that we leave them at Christmas.  But we will certainly work to have a special time with them before we leave and when we return.  The older boys will be off of school, and the little guys will still be in school.   Secondly- provision for more housing and 1-2 couples to share the care of the boys and work.  Each of our boys is a very special needs case.  We desire for them to get all the attention they need, and be surrounded by loving family.  At times we are so stretched, even with people that we hire to help.  And then of course when you hire those to help, you certainly lose any privacy that you might have.  We want so much for each child here, and do not want our own 4 to feel orphaned in the process.   This matter is of great concern to us.  So we really are praying and want to be able to split up a bit.  Although my 12 year old really doesn't complain, I really want her to not be in an open 8x8 room with her 3 siblings forever.  Our desire is to build a barn type home for our family and have 2-4 boys with us;  also to have space in this house for family and friend visitors.  We know a person here that "builds"  metal building homes and the company finishes them out complete with electricity, plumbing, walls, etc.   Please join us in prayer for wisdom, provision, and mercy.   So there is my book!  Thank you for  sticking it out!   We do have new pictures uploaded to the website.   Much love, Paula
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