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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-12-02 08:05:37
Subject: Advent Day 2

 This morning in Isaiah 11 I read who He is.  The Hope rising out of the cut off, dead stump.  The Spirit of the Lord rests on Him, He is wisdom and understanding, He is counsel and strength, He is knowledge and fear of the Lord.  He doesn't judge by what He sees, he doesn't make decisions by what He hears with his ears.  He does all with righteousness and fairness.  He walks with righteousness and faithfulness.  There will be a day where the earth will be full of the knowledge of Him, as sure as waters cover the sea.    He is a signal for us, and His resting place is glorious.  Such a hope I have in Him.   

Psalm 72 tells of his vindication of the afflicted, his crushing of the oppressor, his compassion on the poor and needy, his rescue of the oppressed from violence.  It says that in His time, justice will flourish, that there will be fullness of peace forever.  

In Luke 10 He gives the disciples the authority to do great things and says that even greater than those things is the fact that their names are in His book.  

These scriptures give me hope, a want for the future days, and a desire for His kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  There is something that I know I don't understand His kingdom now and His kingdom to come, but I pray for my heart to be ready for all of it.  Ready for all of the King.  Ready for what He reveals and what remains a mystery.  Ready for my King.  

So I rejoice at the coming of His Son.  And I have faith that from every life-less stump where any future hope has been cut off, a shoot of new life can sprout.  I take heart at the situations around me, where I see death, that He brings life.  That the afflicted and needy around me will be rescued by the King and not by me.  I release my desire to Him, the shoot from the stump.  

And I pray this beautiful prayer: 

Closing Prayer: 
God of forgiveness, 
I turn to you in my great weakness 
and beg for your help. 
Let me feel the joy growing in my heart 
as I anticipate your coming.

I hear the message of the prophets of old 
and know that the Messiah will bring 
new life and new ways of living.

From the humbleness of my life, 
help me to grow and bloom 
and hear the words 
that will change the world.

Blessed be the Name of the King, 


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