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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2006-10-05 01:25:20
Subject: From Mark's Mother, Judy

Judy, Mark's mom, recently visited us here in Honduras, and I asked her to share a little about her time.   My trip to Honduras I have faithfully followed the lives of my family on their new lives in Honduras at the Mission Home for boys. I waited for e-mail, photos and even phone calls . At all costs I just had to go see for myself to be a part of it, I missed them so. Certainely the lives of the boys at the farm have really improved so much, You can feel the love they have for my family and for all the help that they give them,, but so much is needed to continue. The young boys are like little sponges, eager to learn, eager to help and so much better off than their lives beforehand. They now have a family that truly loves them, pray with them and teach them so may things every day.  Great sacrafices have been made Mark Paula and children. My stay was short at the farm but experienced much. The living quarters are quite cramped they all shared. You never know when and how long you will have electricity or water, I experienced both  Can you imagine doing laundry by hand for 14 or so for months before Paula's washer and dryer's a never ending job. The boys now have beds that are new and clean, clothes and shoes and three meals a day. They now are attending a much better school and actually get excited to do homework. The job is endless, everyone goes to bed exhausted but even then the nite can bring disturbances, a cry in the night, bad dreams, farm animals being attached, when one child gets sick many others follow. I tire just to think of all they do.  Help is always welcome in so many ways. The farm has so much potential to provide for them, their garden flourished and many meals benifited I loved all the boys and feel I now have an extended family. The night before I left one of the boys said "god bless you and have a safe trip" I don't really know you but I already love you. ,I know I have to return, the whole trip seemed short but so rewarding. I am so very proud of my family.  Thank you mission groups for all your help, Grandma Judy
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