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Entered By: Betty
Entry Date: 2014-12-13 05:44:39
Subject: re: Jobs I dreamed of

Paula, I love your transparency and honesty. I feel called to "various hats" most of which I have no credentials for at all. I feel like such a "screw up" much of the time and I honestly think God is often looking down upon me saying, "would you just shut up and let me do this my way?" he is calling me to more areas of compassion that I didn't seem to lack in the past (but obviously I did), He is calling me to have more love when I didn't have a lack before (but obviously I did have a lack) and He is called me to forgive what seems to be "stupid mistakes" that were not even done to me directly but to someone I love and I always felt like I had the "gift of forgiveness", but OBVIOUSLY I DID NOT! I, too, dream of "different jobs" when obviously I have not mastered the job I have been given in this time and place. Lord, forgive me of taking on "jobs, feelings, and speaking things" that were not mine and surely not given by you to do or feel or even say. I guess whether we are in Western Colorado or in Honduras God is refining just the same.

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