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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-12-23 22:57:14
Subject: Genesis 3: 1-10

This morning I read Genesis 3: 1-10, the telling of Adam and Eve and the fall of man.  That dreaded tree tale.   On a side note, I am just thrilled that I added a link, the scripture above.  Slow tech person here.

I am struck with how I live from that tree, that tree that caused us to see only what is in front of us.  I live from that tree of the knowledge of good and evil rather than God's control.  I choose shame, law, and death way too much.  I see only what is seen, not eternity.  Where have I rebelled?  When did and do I bite that apple and become brainwashed with rebellion?  I know those places of rebellion in my heart, the way I treat the seemingly unlovely, the way I respond to my husband, the way I recoil back from touch, judging, gossip, etc.  I hide (so I think) the things of the mundane, the everyday, not counting them as holy.  I live in perfomance rather than heart.  Heart scares me.  I cover it up with a fig leaf.  But I desire reconciliation.  Being led by His vision, rather than myself and my limited vision.  

He knew where Adam was.  He knew he was hiding.  Why did God, the All Knowing, ask?  Is it for Adam, us, me, to own it.  For confession, to stop and realize?  To say outloud, "We walked out of Holy provision into mundane, death."  I separate it, compartmentalize it, schedule it, plan it, organize it, control it - life that is.  I eat the fruit and I live there, rather than that place of bliss and God control.  

We have the fall, the sin; how do I, we, return to the bliss?  Reconiled relationship through Christ.  He is the ladder, the link, the gift, the grace, my way, to the eternal.  I rebel when I turn from that way, that perspective, that vsion point, that life.  His Word says, In Him I live and breathe and move and have my being - not from the fruit or the fall.  

Oh Father.  I abide.  I rejoice in what He gives.  I choose to walk into the wide open space and say outloud, "Lead me, be Thou my vision, be my pulse, my direction, my center.  You give me all.  You know where I am, but I say it outloud - Father, I am afraid because I only see waht is in front of me, so I hid.  I need what you provide - Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Reconciliation."

I have some areas where I need the fullness of that gift to be unwrapped, received, and used.  How about you? 



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