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Entered By: Joe Gloria
Entry Date: 2006-11-11 21:56:56
Subject: re: Thursday October 26, 2006

Mark, Hi, I am the guy wrho came and did some activities with your kids last summer. I was visiting with Scott and Cindy Stephens. I sent them an e-mail letting them know that Dr. landreth, the guru of play therapy and also a beleiver was intrested in making a trip to Hondurus next summer and so some workshops if people were intrested. However I just o read your web posting where you say you are in the Ft. Worth area. Maybe we could schedule a time when you and your wife could meet with him. This may be a great opportunity to ask him some questions on some of the issues you are dealing with. If you think you might be intrested please let me now. His son Craig and his family , goes to my church and are in my small group, so I can talk to them. My mobile number is 817-313-0768. Give me a call, or send me an e-mail.  joe gloria

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