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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-01-28 10:35:20
Subject: Ordinarily

It might have bothered me that:
#1 - The Internet went out this morning
#2 - I got dressed and rode my bike to the convenience store to buy $2 of credit for my modem
#3 - I disassembled my phone to replace the chip so that I could add the credit to my modem chip
#4 - I took the time to call the phone company's computer and enter the codes from multiple phone cards
#5 - I sent the code to buy a day of modem time
#6 - I reassembled my phone and modem, swapping out the chips
#7 - I connected my modem and waited several minutes for the software to start up
#8 - I looked at my normal wireless connection and it came back up as I was squandering $2 to use my portable modem, making steps #2-7 a complete waste of time and money
Ordinarily, in the past, the sum total of the above events might have made me a tad angry. But now I have a secret weapon I call...
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