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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-08 10:14:41
Subject: We are back!

Hello all, We are back in Honduras!  You would think that during out visit in the states we would have been really typing away at email and journals, but we just didn't!   I had surgery while in the states.  Thankfully my Dr. and the hospital blessed us with providing a hysterectomy for me which was needed due to adnomytriosis.  I spent a good portion of my time in recovery in the home that we were so blessed to have while in the states.  A precious family let us stay in the home that they had for an elderly parent that no longer lived there.  Mark worked full time at his old job in downtown Ft. Worth.  We spent time visiting family and friends when we could.   Now we are back and things are trucking along.  I started school back with our 4 today, the youngest boys are in school still (North American school schedule) and the oldest 4 return back in Feb.   Everyone is well and readjusting to being back.   The water well has been dug.  They dug to 450 ft. and got 25 gallons a minute.  We are now waiting on the pump and the tubing to be put in.  I am sure it will take some time, but we are looking forward to running water all the time.  Since we have been back, we have had water in the night 2 nights.  Nothing during the day.  So you know what Mark is doing!  Really we have been busy unpacking, reorganizing, going through things, and making it home again.  We had a container come while we were gone, so we are gradually unpacking those things also.   We celebrated Christmas with the boys upon our arrival.  They were thrilled.  Thank you to the so many that helped with this.   We are still working on internet in the home.  Mark was able to set up an account while in the states, but have had problems with the modem.  It may have been blocked because of the frauds that sold us everything to begin with, so it may be a while.   Hopefully we will be able to journal more now that we are back.   Well Mark is here to pick me up, so I will go for now, Paula
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