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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-02-21 13:16:22
Subject: Lots going on

 Hi to those who keep up with us! 

Most probably know that I (Paula) did a quick make sure our son John is ok trip to Austin.  He had gone to ER from passing out during worship at their church.  Long story that you can check out on our Facebook page, and I will repost here.  God is faithful, and John is doing better.  As a mom I still have concern about him bonking his head, but always dealing with trust over here!  

Daniela, Cindy, and Misa started back to school this week.  They were so happy to get back to their school routine.  Pray for us as we deal with the challenges that Daniela faces in a classroom setting, being honest, and feeling worthy and capable.  Daniela and Cindy will be participating in some extra-curricular activities after regular classes and I know that they are looking forward to the fun and new experiences.  Those of you that know me know how strongly I feel about God being our identity rather than our peers and teachers;  and it is a challenge for them as they go to school.  As I have been a homeschooler all of these years (not that I think it is for all people- and not that we do it out of fear) it is a challenge for me also.  Things that don't make a hill of bens  to me seem to be things that are important in a school setting.  I want to always support the kids teachers and administration and to teach our children respect for those in authority.  So pray for me!  I hope that I have in no way sounded as though I dislike schools or teachers.  I am thankful, pray for them, and know that they have a super hard and super important calling.  It is just new for me to be the school mom and to accept philosphies that are maybe not mine.  

Laws and institutions are changing here in Honduras regarding children's homes, foster care, and adoption.  We have prayed for YEARS for God to have His way in this government and for the heart of a child  to be supported and valued here.  We have also had the same precious children in our home for years.  I choke and tear up as I think about laws and changes that could change the way we live here with the family that God has given us.  I can't even tell you.  I can't even voice it.  I can't even imagine.  I can't even go there.  Imagine if the institution that placed these children with us got rid of all of their stories,  all of their lives on paper, and the new administration came in.  As the new organization sat across from me, that is what they told me has happened.  So, that leaves lots of doors swinging in my opinion.  So, again God calls us to cling to Him and not what I see.   There is an organization, an NGO, starting as these changes take place.  This is caregivers and missionaries across Honduras that are involved in the ministry of the child.  That is encouraging.  I hope that voices of those who have worked with the government and been here and done this for years will be heard.

Mark's work is changing a bit and he has more responsibility, thankfully just one job.  He might not be so happy as he looks at the budget, but I am thankful for how God cares for our family.  I am thankful for God's provision.  Sometimes I get the absolute grumps when I don't get to take that scalding hot shower because of what it costs us in electricity, but then Christ..  I only have to look across the fence or read a headline to know that I live in the place of plenty.  

I know in my heart that some changes need to be made in regards to how we care for Carlitos and Eli and waiting for God to reveal.    I know that sounds vague and mystic, but I am one of those that has the stirring in my heart and mind before the stuff becomes clear.  Maybe it's a mom thing, like being pregnant.  I know the stirring and pray that we have the grace to move with it.  Don't jump, I am not saying that they would no longer be here, no.  I just believe there may be some better and new ways to handle their challenges.   

Hannah is working away applying for scholarships for study abroad.  She must complete at least one semester abroad, and we all know it is China for her.  She would love to be there a for year a classes, language intensive and geared towards human rights and policies.  So we are praying and she is putting out the fleeces.  She has a pretty purposed heart when it comes to what she believes God has given her to go for.  I couldn't be more proud of her, no matter how it turns out.  I see the fire of Christ in her as I have since the moment she was born.  As she laid in the incubator for a month and we prayed for our mighty God to hold her when we couldn't we know in our hearts that her heart and life were His.  We knew that she was put on this earth to glorify Him in ways that we couldn't even imagine.  So as she goes with all she has I am so blessed.  Not to say that isn't hard or that there aren't days that she would just rather fly home and make scones.  So pray for her as she presses on, and she walks the walk. 

John tried out for and got the job of the Riverbat Mascot.  As Hannah did, he has started out at ACC before going on to university.  He is such a character, so those of you that know him have no problem seeing him as a mascot.  He is more for promoting ACC than sports events.   I wish I could share with you all that he said at his tryouts that caused the judges to pick him, but he would blush.  Just know that Honduras, medicine for the hurting, and Gerardo are deep in his heart.   

I am so proud of Arnold and Reynaldo.  Daily I see them rise to challenges that Hannah and John not being here bring.  Working to fix things that are broken, being big brothers to the little kiddos, and helping me with the housekeeping, and serving.  

Faith will soon be going to do a semester of dual credit, and I can't talk to you about it yet.  She wants to be a nurse and I know that her no nonsense self will do it.  Hold on loosely Paula.  He's got this.  Yes, self talk.  

The Word, that is what I am hearing these days.  Eating, devouring, speaking, and living His Living Word.  

Of course I could brag on each kid, but for this time I will close.  

Pray for us,  pray for the kids,  pray for Honduras.  

Blessings and thanks, 





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