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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-03-05 09:40:03
Subject: Prayers for Alicia

 This morning Alicia came over in tears, a family that she was close to in the neighborhood she grew up in was killed this morning in a car wreck.  They were traveling in the dark early morning to go sell the cheese that they make in Comayagua (they outside of the town in Villa de San Antonio).  Two children were killed and the father is in the hospital in critical condition.  These were kids that played with Alicia's brother,  a family that they shared coffee, food, and life with.  

Alicia and her family are brokenhearted.  They are grieving, mourning.  But this isn't the first loss they have had in the past month.  This is the 3rd friend of Alicia's that has died in the past month.  So Alicia has that question, Why?  

This morning as she cried all I could do was say I am sorry, hug her, rub her back, pray for her, and cry with her.  Any answer I tried to formulate as to the why of the situation fell flat for me.  The simple truths that feel not so simple in these situations are He is God, He is good, and in this world we will have sorrows.  

Please pray for Alicia as she mourns and seeks Jesus.  


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