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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-03-14 12:28:47
Subject: Reminder

Sometimes I have difficulty seeing why God has us where we are, why our lives are so different than where we were, at least in my own eyes.

Yesterday we went to church, enjoyed the teaching and fellowship. It was a bright and sunny day just as are most days in our dry season. We can typically count on three solid dry months, with just an occasional shower, from March through May. Outside of that we will get rain every 1-4 days, depending on the month.

Saturday I told the boys they could fill up the "pila". For you gringos new to the site, a pila is a must have for every Honduran family. It is what you use to store water in. It is important because most homes may go months at a time without any water coming through the pipe. We had our share of that and gladly paid for a water well. While we do not need a pila for household usage, we do have one for swimming, and for watering our 100+ blackberry plants after the water is good and filthy.

So yesterday after church the kids asked if they could go swim in the pila. It was about noon when they asked. I thought that sounded like a good idea. Spend a few hours in the sun and water and kids don't have a lot of energy for horseplay at bed time.

I do not get outside much any more, except to walk kids to and from the bus stop, about a mile away. Outside of that time I work on the computer, cook, work on the computer, make coffee, work on the computer... Yesterday I thought I would surprise the kids in the pila with a rare exposure to the sun. They were surprised, if not blinded. I kept my shirt on to reduce the glare.

We splashed, they laughed, they learned new ways to splash and played a game of "tag", something like Marco Polo, in a 10'x10' cement pond.

I got to thinking while in the midst of all the frivolity, that maybe, just maybe, God knew what he was doing when He sent us here. Here were five small children who just a few years ago were the main breadwinners of their homes. Back then they were aged 3 months to 9 years. I am so grateful that He restored some kind of decency to the lives of these young ones. I am super grateful we could be a part of this.

Thank you to all who help us, helo them. 

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re: Reminder  by mike rockert on Tuesday March 24, 2015

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