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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-15 15:50:18
Subject: Monday January 15, 2007

Hope this update finds everyone well!   Our Hannah has a stomach bug or something did not sit right last night.  Today she is drinking Gatorade and taking it easy with school.   This afternoon I came into town with Mark and Timothy to grocery shop and do internet.   I want to ask you to pray for Eli and Reynaldo in regards to their school work.  They attend Destino Del Reino, which is a private school run by an American missionary that also runs a children's home.  We are very blessed that all of the younger boys attend there and get a much better education.  Eli and Reynaldo are in Kindergarten.  Eli is 7 as is Reynaldo, as far as we know, we have no birth records on either.  Eli is extremely high maintanience and would probably be labeled ADHD.  He has an extremely hard time focusing and in his previous school in which he was in first grade, the teacher just turned him out to play because she couldn't handle him.  He is definitely a challenge in the home, but it all works out, he is full of love, and needs love desparately.  Anyway, he is really struggling in school.  I believe he is capable of the work.  He has just suffered such extreme abuse in the past.  He lived on the streets.  Even though it is a smaller school, there is still not much as far as dealing with special needs, although they are working very hard with him.  Please pray for us to have wisdom in how to get Eli to be able to focus in school.  In the home it works out somehow.  But I really want to see him move forward, and I want him to see himself move forward.  He needs the boost.  When you look into his eyes you see such fear and no sense of any value whatsoever.  It breaks my heart.   Reynaldo is having a hard time with using the bathroom at school.  We do not know yet if he is afraid to ask, or what is happening.  So everyday is coming home with an accident.  It brings him such shame.  Please pray for the fear and shame of prior abuse to be broken off of him, and for his true self to come out.  He is so beautiful, but is deeply closed off.   This week I am going to start volunteering at the school the little boys attend (Destino Del Reino) in the English class.  I will be there in the morning, while Mark continues schooling our four.  He always schools ours in Math and Chemistry, Science.  I will be back for the afternoon and spend time with Timothy and Faith in reading.  Timothy is 5 and is learning to read.   Also, we will be registering our oldest 2 for what is called here collegio.  We are still searching as to what the best school is for them and can be afforded.  Public here is already fully booked, and has a waiting list.  Unless this is what the Father opens up, we will have to pay and go somewhere else, and again, the schools fill fast.  This will be happening in the next 2 weeks.  

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