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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-04-17 18:58:21
Subject: New Target Market

It's me, romanticizing chocolate again.

I contacted the local retreat center, the one that is within a Troy Aikman football throw of our property. We met about giving their visitors some samples and doing some follow up sales if they are interested. We start Saturday. Will give away 90 small, dark chocolate hearts, wrapped in gold foil. Our cost on those is about $0.07 each. If we can follow up and sell 10, $1 bars, we can break even.

This is a pretty big opportunity. The visitors at this retreat center are a good target audience. Because they can afford to go on a retreat means they actually have enough money to buy a $1 chocolate bar, without comparing it to the ounces of Coke they can buy for the same amount. When we try to sell to our neighbors at the soccer games, we get a lot of these comparisons..."$1 is a lot of money for a small amount of food..."

The other good thing about this audience is that they come from all over Honduras. If we can just get some follow up sales with one or two business owners out of the average 90 visitors per weekend, we could greatly increase weekly sales.

In other news, it's 85F in our house and will be this way for another month. The good news is, at only 60% humidity, it's a relatively dry heat. :)

Thanks for your support. We are trucking along. Paula is still teaching multiple subjects to bi-lingual kids. I'm still watching her do it, amazed.

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