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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-04-20 15:32:25
Subject: Whew! The heat!

  It is hot here in Siguat!  I know that we say it is freezing when it is 55.  The 80's make us sweat.  For Mark's birthday his mom gave him a thermometer that tells the inside and outside temp.  I think we starting sweating when we saw the inside temperature above 82.  The handy themometer also gives you a picture of the clothing that you should wear for the day.  Garanimals for adults.  We are wondering when the picture will have a naked man.  We believe that we are there already.  

With the heat is the dust and no rain.  Our neighbors are laying down "cal" or limestone in their bare corn field, every week it seems.  There are clouds of white up and down our road and you can swipe a handful of white dust off of our furniture.  Doesn't make for the best breathing.  I ask for your prayers.  I am having a hard time.  It is a hard season on my allergies anyway, but the lime in the air makes me feel asthmatic.  My little diffuser is having a hard time keeping up.  

Our homeschooling is in the home stretch for the year.  Eli has hit a hard patch regarding reading and math.  His 4th grade math book has word problems and things that are proving quite difficult.  Glenda has been a trooper beyond but I know that we are needing a change in his curriculum.  If any special ed teacher out there wants to do a skype with me regarding curriculums please write me back.  I am out of my league and need some help.  

Jim Pack just spent some time with us.  Always a blessing to be encouraged and valued.  With our home church, Restoration, being no more and our kids living in a different city than where we came from; trips back can be very different.  We have great friends that always make us feel welcome and at home, but we miss that home church connection.  Jim Pack has been a stable help to us.  We appreciate that.   Nice to take a break with him and tell the stories.  When we hear them come out of our mouth they sound unbelievable, even when Mark tells them.  

Today our little Bubby was playing with me, tickling and giving slobbery kisses.  I was looking forward to our little Misa coming home, so I could hug him and ask about his day.  I was thinking about what a good job Faith did while we were out, how I wish she would play the piano without headphones so I could hear her, and about how Timothy is not afraid to tell the truth.  That led me to think about Big Rey and how his smile just melts my heart, how I would pray and push for a mountain to move to see him smile like that all the time.  I thought about Arnold and how he gives me the run down of the days while flexing his man muscles.  Then on to Eli and how he is loyal to the death.  Then in my mind I see Cindy's happy little face talking about how she had a good day in school and how she loves her after school clubs.  I think of Daniela and how she does so well taking care of her pierced ears and earrings, careful to keep them clean and put up neatly.  I think of our Hannah and John studying hard, preparing their minds and hearts for the next, while living full.  I think of David carrying little Isaac on his shoulders, Alicia painting my toenails with joy, and Walter serving his country with honor and pride.  I remember Rolman's evangelist heart, Carlitos's smile at all times, friends here that make me laugh and cry, people across the US praying for us and checking in to see how we are, and how most things I have ever wanted to do have been put before me.  Precious people, precious lives, God's faithfulness, and a home called Hope.  What a story our God writes.  

I pray that you are conscious of His presence in your day.  He is so good to us.  There is such hurt and need everywhere we look but I am also reminded that there is such grace, life, and goodness everywhere we look.  




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