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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-04-22 20:51:11
Subject: Chocolate factory and Mark

 Right, you are thinking;  is this Mark or Paula?  Paula never talks about the chocolate.  Well, that is mainly because Paula is eating the chocolate, or for a while cleaning up the chocolate (with a bit of an attitude).

Tonight Mark took me on a tour of his newly stocked chocolate factory.  Does anybody know if Willy Wonka was ever married?  If he was, was she just incredibly stout?  Sorry, I digress.   Mark recently bought a used freezer and a friend gave us a gas stove and oven.  He also bought a cabinet to lock his supplies in for the night.  We have some little munchers around here.  Arnold and Mark have worked to set up the machines on the stainless steel table that Mark has.  Everything was in its place and clean.  

Mark is the type of guy that does things.  He has ideas, constantly.  And he tries a good bit of them.  With that trying comes some messes and misses, and then there are the things that hit the mark.  The messes, the misses, and the marks all teach us something and build our character.   I thought we would have a bakery, but the truth is there are bakeries here and they are pretty good.   But no one I know around here is running a chocolate factory.  Except my guy.  I love that.  

I love that we are each made unique.  There is no chocolate mold that we all came from.  I love the way that Mark is made.  He has dreams for his children, for the people around him, and for the person trying to scratch their way out of poverty.  He wants to have a business that our guys and gals can work at, learn from, add to, create with, learn responsibility from, and grow with.  I am thankful that he is my husband,  that he loves the ones that God has given us, and that he wants to create something out of nothing.   He is made in God's image.  

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