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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-04-25 15:25:45
Subject: Cool Refreshing Mist

Well it's another warm one today. At the moment it's 90F outside, 88F inside, humidity 30%. I would probably be sweating, but I've lived here going on 10 years and this is just the April weather we're accustomed to.

There are ways to beat the heat here, such as the three hour round trip hike to and from the waterfall. The hike involves a few hundred meters of altitude difference, though it feels more like a thousand at my age.

There are also some brief reprieves as you hike anywhere this time of year. It's pretty common here to walk under a tree and feel a cool mist on your face and exposed skin. It reminds me of the sprinklers that they use at amusement parks in Texas, the ones that spray a fine mist of water to keep visitors from getting heat stroke. But in this case the water source is not water at all. We have locusts here the size of dove. They are constantly gnawing on tree leaves and other greenery. The locusts provide us with a fine mist that does not quite pass for water, but is cool nonetheless.

Happy Saturday from Central America. 

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