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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-05-14 18:33:11
Subject: 7 Days of Power Outages

Today makes a full week that the power has gone out at the house.

On the first day of outages, said the power company, you'll be on in a minute or two.

On the second day of outages, the company said to me, back in ten, power again, enjoy a coffee break until then.

On the third day of outages, electro saint said to me, go away, sing some praise, it's Sunday anyway.

On the fourth day of outages, Mr. electro said to me, power back at one, have some fun, you work too much, get some sun.

On the fifth day of outages, Mr. happy said to me, "paciencia", which literally means "patience", but in a local context it seems to mean "the power will be off all day, get use to it bud, we're a government owned monopoly and we'll give you power when we want to, if we want to, go apply for unemployment while you're waiting"

On the sixth day of outages, electro-rep said to me, don't know why, power down, get in your truck, work in town.

On the seventh day of outages, Mr. powerless said to me, lights are out, all the day, power or not, you still must pay.

And a partridge in a pear tree...

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re: 7 Days of Power Outages  by mike rockert on Friday May 15, 2015

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