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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-05-16 16:47:57
Subject: Holy Grail of Milk Chocolate, A Quest

OK, I have to admit, confess that I've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is why this post is titled so. The best milk chocolate I've ever tasted was brought straight from London while John was on his senior trip. I was given a couple of items, neither of which I could stop eating until they were gone. Then I was wondering if I had any distant relatives in London who would send me care packages. The stuff is top notch, unparalleled even in the USA.

So I got to looking and comparing, ingredient lists from chocolate in the UK, versus the USA. The UK takes the term "milk", in milk chocolate, much more seriously than Americans. In an eight ounce bar of milk chocolate, Cadbury proudly explains that there is 12 ounces (glass and a half) of milk. OK, without reduction, evaporation that is impossible. Even with evaporation, it is expensive. Nonetheless I was on a quest.

Before you rush out and buy a bar of Cadbury at your local grocer, be advised that in the USA, Cadbury chocolate is manufactured by Hershey's. Sadly, they do not use the same recipe. Hershey's process is cheaper and uses less milk.

So here's the current experiment in the grinder...I added three cans of evaporated milk to the mix. I did have to reduce the milk even more for it to grind. Bear in mind, you cannot have moisture in chocolate if you ever want to make bars with it. You will not have proper temper, and "snap". Technically, a twelve ounce can of evaporated milk is equivalent to 24 ounces of milk, which what you would find in a single pound of Cadbury's UK masterpiece. Adding moisture to liquid chocolate also results in a muddy paste that can seize up a grinder because the cocoa solids absorb the moisture, bloating up like citified pigeons. At the moment the grinder is expelling a lot of moisture from the milk, in the form of steam.

While it is not economically feasible to add a can of evaporated milk for every pound, I do want to produce a milk chocolate that is uncommonly good. What we've made in the past uses common, economical powdered milk. The results of the publicly shared recipes are not, the bomb.

Will let you know how it goes. I still have a bit of milk chocolate from our old recipe and hope to do some blind taste tests, maybe even put some Hershey's into the mix.

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re: Holy Grail of Milk Chocolate, A Quest  by Judy Campbell on Sunday May 17, 2015

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