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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-17 21:52:35
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Glad to hear you got to see your brother!   I have the CD's to the Beth Moore study Daniel (thanks to you and Elaine!), but have not gotten started again since we returned.  I have been using this wonderful devotional book by Elizabeth Elliot in the mornings, and a study book by her regarding keeping a quiet heart!  I want to start back on the study, I do love it.   The weather is nice here now.  Chilly in the morning and evenings, and warm in the day.   Homeschool is always changing isn't it?  Today on the bus ride to the boys school I was thinking about Mark schooling them by himself and how thankful I am that he is so involved and cares so much.  I also was thinking about how God has always showed me unconventional things about homeschooling, regarding books I have read, doing things not so institutional, etc.  I always thought I had to work hard to do it that way, and wanted to.  Now it is funny, because it is how our life is now!  I didn't make it happen, God did!  So all that I have read was just confirmation for what He was going to do.  I am thankful that He is control of what we do.  I bless you and Keving as you set your heart to raise Godly daughters.  Whatever He shows you or brings you will be the best for your family.  Each one is so different, with so much to offer and learn. Love you so much, Paula

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