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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-19 11:39:18
Subject: Prayer for Mark

Hello family and friends, On Wednesday night in the night, Mark fell on our porch (shooing the dog off to get the stray horse that was in our front yard).  He slipped, one foot moved the other didn't and he twisted the ankle and leg badly.  He toughed out the pain most of yesterday, but finally in the afternoon went to the dr.  They sent us to the hospital to see a bone specialist because Mark had 2 breaks in the small bone of his leg, near the ankle.  We went to the hospital, got a 2nd opinion, and then he was admitted.  The surgeon came in last night and said that he needed to have 2 pins put in to correct the break.  They will do the surgery this afternoon.  He is at the Evangelical Hospital here in our town.  Last night he spent the night part time in a general ward with other patients, I couldn't stay but a few minutes (rules).  Today he has been moved to a private room, and we are going to see him.  No visitation restrictions in a private room.  We just stopped at internet to let everyone know. He is doing well, not in to terribly much pain.  Yesterday he took no pain meds at all.  He took ibuprofen when it happend.  He was able to sleep good last night he said.  We feel good with the dr. and the hospital.  It is clean, well supplied, and everything has been clean and new that has been used on him.  The dr. is a bone specialist, surgeon.   I will email again after the surgery. Please pray for: Healing Drs. and Nurses Against fear Covering for the home.  Our farmer and worker leave for the weekend this afternoon, so I will be it.  I do have Xiomara and Beirta in the day until 5:30.  I have our children with me today visiting, and the little boys are in school. Provision Thank you for joining with us.  We are not afraid or worried.  Really, this is another way for the Father to fulfill His promise that "in our weakness He is strong".  Mark is in good spirits, and will have his laptop to play with!   Love, Paula
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