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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-06-10 10:19:11
Subject: Listening, Hearing

We have been greatly refreshed by our visit to Valley Church in Grand Junction, CO. That is no surprise. We are always blessed by the hospitality and the life we find there.

There have been at least two occasions when I felt like the Lord was speaking to Me while at Valley. I know He speaks to us all the time, but often we are not listening.

Saturday Night I woke three times, each at one hour intervals (11:45, 12:45, 1:45). I finally got it through my thick skull that He was trying to tell me something. Paula and I were scheduled to speak briefly in front of the body on Sunday Morning. So I began to pray and about an hour later I could not help but shake the word "grace" out of my head. I was even reminded of the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22. In particular, the man who was not wearing wedding clothes was removed from the celebration and thrown out. This man tried to get into the wedding because he thought he deserved to, not because he was invited. He did not accept the grace given to him, grace that gives us new, clean garments, washed in the blood of Christ. He tried to get in by his own works.

So for weeks we had been planning to speak and thinking about what to say. I thought about telling a few stories and sharing on how we had been changed on the mission field. As I sat there Sunday Morning, growing a little anxious about what to say, I was reminded of my prayer time much earlier in the morning. I again asked the Lord to let me know what to say. If I was to tell the stories, fine. If I was to defer those story times and just talk about grace and the wedding feast, to please make it clear.

So before Mike introduced us and invited us to speak, up stands Jeff and speaks about grace and how people might feel inadequate, unforgiven this morning. Then Beau stood up and said he was hearing the same word. OK, two witnesses speaking the truth. I think that could be called a clear word. So we did defer the stories until a more informal setting of care groups a couple nights later. I was able to share the given word. I was blessed to hear the Lord and I hope others were too!

Last night while praying with the home groups at the dinner they hosted, we were again blessed. I believe I was given a word of wisdom by the Lord, regarding our latest chocolate roadblock, licensing. We were told that we would need to register each product we sell under separate licenses, each costing about $350. There are already three products we sell on a regular basis with some seasonal items to boot. So here's the word...We sell a "box of chocolates", as in "life is like a box of chocolates...". The box, or bag, will have a variety of chocolates. We register this one product and sell it under a single license. There, no more limits on what we can sell. :-)

Thank you, Valley Church, for being such gracious hosts!!! Thank you for being a voice and reminder of Kingdom wisdom. I think we as missionaries, well I know, not think, get so wrapped up in doing, that we forget who we are working for, or why. We get so distracted with busy work, that we cannot even have an effective prayer life. We do not, as Jeremy reminded me, abide in Him. I greatly want that changed in me going forward, even as we return to the fray.

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