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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-08-05 10:09:55
Subject: Thank you

 Thank you for your prayers.  I know that many of you are praying for me as we get ready to see our kids off to college again.  People have sent words of encouragement and I thank you.  This time Faith goes for her semester of dual credit and a semester of slow re-entry to the USA.  

I had/have been in a bit of a pit about it all.  Some of the words of encouragement I received I was even irritated with.  Some said get a new hobby, as though our nest is empty.  Sorry, that irked me.  My nest isn't empty, actually it is full.  But I understand the sentiment and I am getting over my pride.  It is true, I am going through an empty nest, but with the nest being full.  One hit me smack in the face and brought me to Jesus.  It said,  "I know the Lord will meet you."  I cried.  I called to Him and He met me.  I am so thankful. 

He met me in my pride and selfishness, honestly that is where I was camping.  This morning in my Bible time I was reading 1John 1-2.  There is some grammar there that got me.  John was writing to the fathers, the young men, and the children.  He says it in the perfect indicative that they are strong, His word abides in them, and they have overcome the evil one.  Right, they have.  It is done.  These are facts that have been accomplished.  And so it is with my kids.  They are ready.  They have the Word in them.  They are strong.  They have overcome the evil one.  Yes, I know that there are weaknesses and that there will be challenges and that there will be moments of decision.  But they are ready.  They are walking into what God has called them to. And another verse tells me that when I sin and confess He is faithful and just to forgive.   I was sitting in my pride and my Lord showed me this.  See, I was wallowing in what I haven't done and what I haven't said and what I haven't been to them.  I was recounting all my failures and shortcomings.  I was drowning myself thinking that it was all about me and me and me.  His Word showed me that it isn't. And where I have sinned, He forgives.  He forgave.  It is over.  How prideful to carry around old sin.    Over and over again this morning I read how His Word and His Truth and His Light are what give us strength and life and counsel.  My kids have that.  They have His Word in their hearts and they have access to Him 24/7.  It is about Him, not me.  

Whew.  What a relief.  I am amazed at how my pride and doubt can dig a hole deeper than 6 feet and have me in it within the hour.  But here is the deal.  His Word gives the truth, the victory, and the life.  It has already been done.  Perfect indicative.  Love it.  

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.  I will not spurn your advice. 



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