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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-10-03 12:28:05
Subject: Saturday October 03, 2015

Well good afternoon, HFF's (Hope Farm Fans). It is sunny here in Central A, a break from the heavy rain we've been having the last few weeks. We're mighty thankful for the return of the rain, which was absent for most of our growing season. The cows are finding plenty of cud ammo and the local farmers are planting again, after losing what is normally their first, best corn harvest to drought. In Honduras, there are enough warm and wet months for two annual corn harvests, with a possible bean planting after the second corn harvest.

After a few fund raisers and extra donations, we are busily re-investing the proceeds into the Kingdom.

The big boys home has been in need of a roof as long as we've lived here. Although we like that the material on the other house keeps things cooler, and lets in more light, it is also brittle and weak. Our second year here the boys shot a bottle rocket into the air, it popped, and free fell back onto and into our roof, right above our master bedroom, resting snuggly on our drop ceiling tile. We did not realize it until the third time a thunderstorm dumped a few gallons of water onto our bedroom floor.

We've patched the roof as much as we can, but now when we go up to patch things, a worker inevitably steps through the roof. We are replacing the roofing material, not sure what it is, with metal. It will be warmer in the boy's house, but drier.

The van got new tires, a first for us, ever. As in, first time in both pre and post missionary days I've ever bought a complete set of new tires. We hope to do the same for the truck this week. The van has kept both wheels on for a four weeks now, so we're hoping to build on this success, and someday take the van on a longer trip than to the grocery store. Hopefully wheels falling off while driving will someday be a distant memory, and maybe even funny. Thankfully, nobody was killed inside or outside of the van when the wheels fell off.

Sorry for not writing sooner. With the loss of our young adult college kids, to, well, college, we have been quite short handed. Couple that with a few daily hour long trips to and from the school bus stops, and I don't have much time to write after finishing my full time job.

Choclate? Well, we've had little time to pursue it. We're maintaining our current business, but today a new salesman did start, and I gave him our current accounts. He needs to earn more money though, because he has a baby on the way. That's good news for both of us. Ideally, all that we would be responsible for is making chocolate and supplying the sales force. There are plenty of things we can do to improve efficiency, profits, without adding to the price of product. Right now product is reasonable, competitive, while at the same time offering plenty of commissions (20%) for the salesmen.

We're thankful for our friends, and our God. Without God moving on our hearts, none of what we do would be possible.

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