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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-11-10 14:31:52
Subject: Christmas Request

 Hi to all who keep up with Hope Farm! 

Today I am sending out a special request, one we have never sent out before.  Would you adopt one of our kids for Christmas this year?  It would involve finding out about them, learning their likes and dreams, buying things for them that would be meaningful and fun, and shipping it to one of a few locations by a certain date.  

Now a little background.  We have never asked people to buy for the kids for Christmas.  Historically, we have been that limit it to one gift at Christmas family; whether here in Honduras or in the US.  We never have intended for Christmas to be centered on gifts.  Each of us enjoys doing something for each member of our family here and we will still do that.  There is such joy in watching each child give the gift that they bought or made with so much love and affection for their family member.  These kids know each other.   They give.  They give to others outside of the family.  This year I just wanted to do something special for them.  I want them to know that there is family that they don't see that cares about them.   It is just to be a blessing, a surprise, the unexpected, the extended family.    I asked Mark if it was ok, because it was something that came to me as I was thinking about the kids and the ministry here at Hope Farm, not Christmas.   Knowing that we haven't been present heavy people gave me pause for this request.  Mark gave the go.  

The true intent of this is to be a blessing to each one of these kids.  They are a blessing to us.  They are fine young men and women.  I am proud of them.  I think you would be too.  

So if you would like to participate please send a personal email to me and I will send you a write up on the child that you want to bless.  It will give you the dates and address to ship to.  Once we have the kids all covered,  I will post again that we are finished.  I know that requests at Christmas probably flood you.  I would never want you to do this out of obligation.  It is about love.  I think that each one of these kiddos needs an aunt, uncle, grandparent, and cousin this year.  

Below is the list of kids and their age.

Thank you, 


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