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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2015-12-03 16:41:29
Subject: Chocolate Coated Narcos

So without trying I've become part of the drug trade. I swear, I knew nothing about it. I recently lost track of the company I had been buying cocoa from. They were the first supplier of good cocoa I'd encountered in Honduras.  I purchased from them for just over a year. When I lost contact, I sent an email to an organization in the USA that helped the supplier. Here is an email I sent to the org a couple weeks ago:

Dear Technoserve,

I run an orphanage in Honduras. We also have a small chocolate factory.  We have been buying cacao from Finca Patricia for about 16 months now.  Recently, the bank used by the finca failed. I only communicated with  the finca through email, but the email addresses they had were through  the bank that failed. They no longer respond to my email and I think  it's because of the bank problems.

Do you have some contact info for the farm, either phone or email?

Mark Colbath
Hope Farm

A few minutes ago I received this reply:

Dear Mark,

Finca Patricia was part of  Continental Group (CG) and CG has been closed in Honduras; and all  companies part of CG had their funds in Banco Continental (closed too),  and our main contact for Finca Patricia, doesn´t have available his  cellphone and email.

Are you living in Siguatepeque, Honduras? Are you tried to visit Finca Patricia?


Ricardo Gonzalez

Though it might not have made the 5 o'clock news, a bank in Honduras was recently shut down by the US Justice Department for laundering drug money. It was definitely headline news, but such news has since been buried by multiple mass shootings. The bank was called "Banco Continental". Yes, the very one that seems to have run my cacao supplier.

Although I do confess that our chocolate is addictive, I swear, it has nothing to do with illegal narcotics.

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