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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-12-03 21:27:52
Subject: Advent Day 5

 Today I read in several scriptures, but the Advent reading that stayed in my mind throughout the day was the story I read to the kids.  The story of the fall, Genesis 3.  The book we are reading pointed out God's first question of the Old Testament, his question to his children after they had eaten the fruit......"Where are you?"  

Many things played over in my mind regarding this today.  Where am I?  Am I abiding?  He is.  Even in man's darkest hour, God abode.  He was there with them.  

Or how we trade the very best for the very worst; life for death, peace for stress, joy for anxiety, freedom for shame.  

But my main take away from His Word today was how He came for them, Adam and Eve.  They sinned and He knew it and He came.  I sin and I know it and He comes for me.  He isn't pointing his finger or rubbing my face in my failure.  He asks where I am.  He helps me with the mess of the sin and illumines the Way He has for me.  

He truly is Glorious.  I can believe that the heavens declare His glory continually.  He is remarkably God. 

Joy to you as you wait, 



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