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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2015-12-17 08:22:08
Subject: Advent Day 19

 This morning i read the account of Mary going to spend time with Elizabeth in Luke.  It strikes me that they were both open to receive.  Elizabeth was immediately open to receive Jesus in Mary's womb and then we read Mary ready to receive what God has given her.  Elizabeth must have been such confirmation to Mary's heart.  I love verse 53 of Mary's praise........He has filled the hungry with good things.  He has.  I can say that in my hunger He has fed me, physically and spiritually.   It is beautiful to read Mary praising God and declaring His goodness. 

Then I read Isaiah 9:8-17, where God has legitimate anger with Israel for guessed it; pride.   Pretty much the same sin that someone would guess about me.  The next reading was John 3:16-21.  He always had love planned for us, always.  

I had written out a confession to God this morning.  I saw/see something yucky in my heart and I want it to be gone.  I was angry at myself and He responded with truth.  The truth is grace.  He gave me his only Son.  He could be angry with me for my actions, maybe He is, but He responds with love.  This urges me to be gracious, softer, patient, present, alive.   I pray that I would be like Elizabeth, ready respond to  His presence.  

He has filled the hungry with good things.  




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