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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-26 14:45:56
Subject: Friday January 26, 2007

Hi everyone, We have jumped in to internet real quick before all the youngest guys are home from school.   Mark is hanging in there.   Probably not enjoying being down so much!  He is in a little more pain than before.   Please pray for us, especially Mark regarding decisions on the farming.  Some things that have been done this past year did not work as well as we wanted, so we really are praying about our current farmer, how to train him, etc.  We are really wanting to focus on the garden, fruit crop, corn for the animals, soybeans for the pigs, good pasture for cattle, raising pigs for meat, and eventually chickens.  We want to be wise, not spread too thin, yet have a good farm for the boys to learn on, and provide food for us and others.  It is not always easy with our lacking language skills, the different way things are done here, etc.  But we have been learning, and have a year under the belt now!   Thank you for praying for us, Paula

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