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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2016-05-03 09:38:56
Subject: Doing the hard

 If this post causes people to stop giving to the children, I will remove it. 

This mornng I did something rare for me; pushed myself into the hard zone with onlookers for, you know, about 200, correction, 20 feet.  Yes, 20 feet.  But that 20 feet has taken me about, 11 days.  Hills are hard to climb on a bike when you are about 100 decades pulling about the village weight- in already high elevation.  Just think about it- every Betty Crocker mix gives you warnings, I mean instructions for baking in high altitudes (much less attitudes).  If the instruction was to lower the fat content (butter), well then I just broadened the advice and kept the fat off the bike and walked up the hill myself - not wanting to deflate the tires (liken tires to the Betty Crocker baked item).  How could we rise in such altitudes?  

But alas, I have heard the warning cry of menopause, weight gain, high blood pressure (though I believe it is because they scare me, white coats, apparatus, and all), diabetes in the family, prior anuerysms in the brain (come on, more than 20 years ago, isn't there a statute of limitations or something). So, not being one to ask for a rupture in the brain, the 20 feet of hard I must do.  

I am hoping my audience felt the thrill of victory.  It was hard to tell if they were riding the wave - the neighbor taking a drag on the side of the ditch with cattle grazing, the cattle grazing, the other neighbor watching the dragging and the grazing, and the sweet teacher in the window wondering why I am not following Betty C's advice.  I got my high when I looked back to see how far I had climbed and saw Mark on the bike (coming around his 3rd. circle of me) with a smile and thumb up, Bubs giggling.  The high certainly wasn't because of the 200, correction, 20 ft! 

Ride on villagers!  

Paula (lest one think that Mark is in menopause)



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