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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2016-08-24 08:20:31
Subject: Tagless

When I woke up this morning, I realized that my old t-shirts must be somewhere in the laundry cycle. When this happens, I am stuck with newer t-shirts. I realize this seems a bit silly to get whiny about, but bear with me.

For four decades, I rolled out of bed, grabbed a shirt, felt around and put it on the right way. Well over 90% of the time when I wake, it is still dark. It doesn't matter that I telecommute and can sleep until work begins, I wake up anyway. I can't complain, I enjoy the quiet. I enjoy listening to my pa upstairs while I read on the balcony.

About a decade ago, some bean counter in an unnamed corporation, realized that he could save his company a fraction of a penny per shirt if the tag was printed onto the fabric, rather than sewing a tag on. This accountant realized that because his company makes a billion t-shirts annually, they could multiply that fraction of a penny and realize $9.27 of total annual savings.

When this new cost cutting measure was floated past the CEO, the big cheese decided he could buy a caramel, frappe, latte with extra whipped cream every year. He pictured himself at Starbuck's, sitting back and watching lesser java consumers envy his extra whipped cream. He was sold. He enacted the new tagless t-shirt policy right away. Soon, every other t-shirt manufacturer in the world followed suit. You can pick these corporate execs out of a crowd. They are the ones with whipped cream on their coffee.

For this reason, I can no longer feel around and put my shirt on in the dark. I hope those corporate leaders are proud.

One of the reasons I enjoy living up here on the mountain, is that it almost seems like we're a little closer to Heaven. Below you can see that at times we are up with the clouds. We are certainly removed from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 


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