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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-01-31 18:17:46
Subject: While at Internet

You may wonder, what do Paula and Markīs children do while they are typing away at Iternet.  Well our four get on 2 computers themselves and play every crazy downloadable appropriate game they can find!  Their favorite games are Dinner Dash, Cake Mania, and Polar Bowler.  That is why they havenīt journaled, too busy playing! I know many think our children are missing out on so much.  Yes, they arenīt in little league in the states, but they are managing their own American Football team here on the farm.  They have a blast playing American football with the boys and dad.   And the girls just teach the boys every dance they make up or learn.  Right now Hannah is teaching everyone the STOMP routine that she learned and performed in while in the states.  John has become an entrepenuer selling lenia to those in the neighborhood, kinda like mowing grass in the states.  Lenia is the wood our guys chop up from the pine trees we have, it is what everyone here cooks with.  And Timmy, well he is just happy Mom and Dad are always around.  He is the master of the Honduran accent and sometimes canīt remember what the English word for something is.   Honestly, if you talked with them, they are happy.  Yes, there are things they miss, just like we all do.   Donīt know why  I felt I needed to share all that, but I did! Blessings, Paula
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