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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2016-11-22 07:53:09
Subject: Tough one

 Yesterday morning we had a tough one.  Carlitos gets up earlier than most, mainly because he likes his eggs and coconut.  He had gotten up in his normal manner and gone to the bathroom.  I was in my room.  I heard the door lock and I thought.............hmmmm.  In a few minutes I heard a thud and I knew it was Carlitos with a seizure.  I dashed to the bathroom and the door was locked (remember Paula!). Back to the room, find the keys, find the right key, open the door, my little naked Carlitos (he was changing) seizuring and crying on the floor.  Carlitos doesn't cry much at all, and pain, well, the kid either doesn't feel it or can take more than the average human.  My heart was broken, absolutely broken in two pieces.  I held his feet up and cradled his head, as we all do when he seizures (but really, by the time I got there, the seizure was over- we just move in habit sometimes).  Afterwards, it takes him a bit to be able to see.  He rubs his eyes and he has tears.  He was afraid and cold.  We breathe deep, get up, and continue on in our day.  But we were both bruised.  Carlitos had a know on his head where he had hit the hard tile lip of the shower, and I had a knot in my heart. 

Later that evening, before Bible Carlitos says to me, "I didn't die today, I was saved." 

Oh Father, come quickly.  Holy Spirit, bring comfort.  


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