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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-01-31 18:32:08
Subject: Projects

Hello Friends,      This year we want to continue to move the farm into profitability and therefore reduce our dependence on donations. The overall plan is to raise animals, butcher them here, process some of the meat and sell meat. Eventually we hope to sell meat in our own restaurant(s). In this way we maximize the profit potential of the farm. We have some experience in processing meat and raising animals, but we need to facilities to keep it all kosher.      Here is what we would like to add before end of year: Chicken house - the previous chicken house was run down and too far from the house. It is easy to steal the chickens because the house is too far away. We would like to put a chicken house right in the middle of the garden (which is pretty large). This way we can put the chickens out where they can fertilize and plow it for us. Estimated cost: $300 Barn - we would like an animal barn to protect the animals from the elements and especially from predators (mostly neighborhood dogs and a few coyotes). We will not venture into the goat business again until we have some protection for them. Estimated cost: $400 House - we severely need to split the boys into smaller families and give them more individual attention. For that matter, we are looking for house parents. If you love children and would like to help orphans, we would like to talk to you! We would like to see about erecting a steel framed building and finishing the inside as we have funds to do so. Estimated cost: ??? (perhaps the steel building materials could be shipped on container from the USA). Hiring local Hondurans to dig out the plumbing and lay a foundation is not much, but we would like an experienced foundation person (American on mission trip) to manage that part of the project. Cross fencing - we want to open up more of the previous corn fields for animal graising. The plan is to cross fence it so that we can run more cattle in it and rotate crops of corn in some of the fields after the cows fertilize for us. Estimated cost: $150 More water lines - we want to run water to the back of the property so that we are not lugging 200 lbs of water to the back everyday to keep the cattle hydrated. Estimated cost of materials and labor - $100 Meat storage/processing facility - We want to slaughter animals on the farm and butcher them so as to earn more money by selling a more finished product. If we sell the animals before butchering, we lose a bit of potential profit. We know how to do this, we just need to be able to do it in a sanitary way. Estimated cost of materials and labor - $2500 (freezer unit, brick and mortar construction, metal cutting tables, meat saw, water line, drainage and sink). Some of these items might be more easily found and affordable in the USA (saw, freezer, metal table). It can be sent on the next container. If you would like to help with any of these, please email Best wishes,       Mark Colbath

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