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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2017-05-30 16:58:36
Subject: Lambchop Lives On

Our ram, Lambchop, was the first sheep we purchased, just about a year ago. The plan back then was just to grow him to a respectable size and make shepherd's pie. Then we got another idea and made him the leader of a small flock, 10 ewes, which we purchased in September. The ewes were already pregnant and began to birth in October. Today he became the father of another set of twins, making that five lambs in his line.

We are going to need to trade Lambchop by the end of Summer so that we have no inbreeding. We already have a deal worked out for that. Lambs can reach puberty as early as five months. Please excuse the poor lighting of the photo. I had to keep a wary eye out for the father, which does not care for people near his offspring. He does not hesitate to give you a head butt to your midsection. At roughly 100 pounds, he can lay some hurt on you.

Lambchop is pictured center right, the large fellow. He charged me twice before I could take the photo. He backed off after the second kick to his chest.

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