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Entered By: Stephanie Price
Entry Date: 2007-02-01 10:54:41
Subject: re: While at Internet

Paula, so glad to hear all your updates!!! I remember one day last summer when the team was there I was trying to take a picture of Arnol,he was being silly covering his face, and one of the boys pulled his hands down and he ran off and cried.  It just broke my heart as I sat and held him while he cried.  It is so hard to understand the emotional pain that these little guys have gone through.   They need to know the love of the Father - His love never ends - what a hard thing for all of us to understand at times but especially these boys who have been so hurt by people who are supposed to love them.   You have a hard job, but God knew what you would have to face before He ever called you there.   I think it is hard for people to understand what you, Mark, and your kids receive - of course you all miss things from the states and miss people from the states, but what blessings you receive from being obedient and walking out the call on your lives.  Your kids are receiving so much more than little league and ballet classes could give them in the states.  They are experiencing such great things, and seeing God's power in their lives every day.   Hug all your kids for me!  So glad Hannah is teaching the dance - that is so cool!  She did a great job performing at church.  It was a fun dance to watch, and I am sure the kids all loved doing it. See you in July.  .  . sometime. . . don't have a date yet. . . :) Stephanie
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