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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2018-07-24 11:15:14
Subject: Perfect Guy Breakfast

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I nailed the best guy breakfast ever, but first a little background...

Our old friend Jeremy spent Spring Break with us this year. We don't put visitors to work on construction projects, they are free to visit and help the kids with school, read to them, or help the older boys around the farm if they so desire. This year, though, we had an experienced visitor, with a driver's license. Each morning Jeremy asked if there was anything he could do to help. One morning I replied that he could go buy another young pig for us. He gladly accepted the task.

Jeremy returned with a pig and a story, about how pigs are picked up and put in feed sacks with a few air holes, sack tied up and laid in back of the truck. They tend to stay calm when they can't see.

Fast forward six months, the pig is near eight months old and we usually butcher at six months, as is common practice in the industry. We had to wait as we were out of freezer space after butchering a cow a few months prior. Somebody (me) forgot to tell the farmer to stop the finishing quantity of pig feed. So while this pig didn't get very large, he did get pretty fat.

Last week the boys butchered and took the meat to the Mennonite grinder. They bagged it up and brought it home. I went ahead and cooked some up. It rendered lard, a lot of it. If I had to guess I'd say this pig is 60% lean, el gordo.

Until we empty the freezer of this round of pig, we're going to have to cook the meat down, drain the fat and then season it. Well, I did that, and ended up with a lot of lard, enough to make pastry dough, biscuits, and still deep fry whatever.

So this morning I walk down to the kitchen after the kids woke late. It is Saturday. They just wanted "special cereal", which they aren't allowed to have on school days, because it makes them hyper. Really, it does. So, that is what they got. Meanwhile, Carlitos had been patiently waiting for breakfast, for two hours. I looked at what we had, eggs, tortillas, some refried beans, cheese, chopped onion and cilantro, a pan full of lard...idea coming, breakfast chimichangas!

That's right, we're talking possibly the trendiest breakfast food in the nation (yours, not Honduras), the breakfast burrito, taking it, and frying it. It didn't disappoint.

I'd share the recipe and instructions, but I'm thinking franchise, fame and fortune. People will fly in from all over the world to have these, no doubt in my mind. 

Lord bless you, and thanks for reading.

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