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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2018-12-03 15:15:15
Subject: Advent, Part 1

 Advent, the wait, always so special to me.  I comb resources to choose which one I will follow and wait expectantly for what will “pop up” as I wait and walk.  Oh, the journey.  

This year I was excited to read from an author that I am learning about and following as I study the New Testament, specifically, Paul.  A recent bible study made me want to lean in more to Paul and to who he was and what he wrote.  I decided to start a week early because quite honestly, I usually lose the last week of Advent - the life (which I do love).  So reading commenced and coincided with Thanksgiving, hostessing, Carlitos’ seizures, and all of life - as it is for all of us.   A lot of times after some high expectations (self-imposed), excitement, and major transitions on the horizon, I will crater.  And so it began.  I saw it coming and knew that God was directing me to reach out for prayer.  I slumbered.  Sonic boom.  Wallowing.  You know the stuff.  Oh, sin, so very common to man.  

I realized what was taking me out and opened up to Mark and then obeyed the words of my Father.  How He has been answering me is nothing short of miraculous.  To me, the most miraculous thing is transformation and the lengths He will go to in that transformation.  The tenderness of transformation.  The beauty of transformation.  The work He has done for transformation and has now come to be given to me.  

I want to share parts of this journey - the journey going on in my life, and the blessed journey of this season of Advent.  I think that as we journey, we ought to share.  Though our journeys are marked with differences, they truly do lead us to the same destination.   I want the pruning, pressing, crushing, and waiting of this season to be laid bare.  



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