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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-02-07 21:17:40
Subject: Wow, so much to share

I have so much to share and so little time!  I havenīt been to internet since last Wednesday so a lot has happened. We are busy, busy, busy with school, homework and farm work right now.  With the water comes all of the digging, irrigating, planting, arranging, thinking, fencing for pastures, etc.  Mark talks about all that!  I just as I always have find it very theraputic to water my precious plants and talk to God.  Been a long time since I could do that, and so very thankful.  I cry doing it.  It was something I loved doing in the states too.   Well, we had a most precious ladies come to share with us and many others in our town and church.  Seven dear ladies, full of humility, helping hands, servant hearts, and expectancy of the Lords presence came to serve us.  They stayed in the Caritas, a retreat center, right beside us.  The accomodations were quite nice.  They visited with us, prayed with us, helped advise me on buying new plants, then planted them all, and painted my bedroom.  A precious young lady, Hannah, played the guitar and sang English songs for us!   That was dear to me.  They loved on the boys. They went to the the church we attend and shared in the  service. They then provided and served the church lunch!  Peanut butter and Jelly and Apples.....big treat here!  We were so blessed to receive the additional peanut butter and jelly.  They spent a day visiting and delivering food on the mountain Aguas Del Padre.  There is a very, very poor community of ladies with many children where they gave food, offered hope, prayers, and visitation.   As long as we have been here we have been praying for our Pastor, Pastor Gustavo and his wife Hermana Cory to see the dream of a water well come to life for the community they serve.  These precious ladies set to work this past year letting the need be known in Oregon.  This year they arrived with the funds for Pastor Gustavo to be able to have the well dug, and to help with the construction of a cafeteria to serve children good meals.  What a huge blessing.  They met in our home to share with Pastor and Hermana the good news.  We were blessed to host such a miraculous thing.  I truly am so thankful.  Our Pastorīs heart is to serve the poor people in his community, feed the children, and deliver clean water to those who have none.  Trust me, this is a very poor area with tremendous need.  So, a wonderful group, blessed us immensely.  At least a portion of these ladies have been involved here in the church and the farm for at least 9 years.   Whew, on to the latest school news!  This week when I showed up for my Wednesday day of volunteering at the youngest boyīs school, I came in to find that 2 teachers had left, leaving the school short handed.   I helped try to find out what was going on in the first grade class, help as I could, and then off to teach English.  I am now the teacher on Wed. and I am loving it.  Today we did some different things.  At the last of class I read a bible story book to each class, in English.  They sat spellbound.  I mean they didnīt move, and for these classes, HUGE!!!!!   I am going to do that every week.  Read a bible story with much animation, one that they probably know in Spanish, but can now hear in English.  I have to be honest that it turned from a reading to a telling, and acting out.  What fun I had!    Please pray for the school.  It is so very hard to hire educated, Godly teachers.  We know that this is Godīs timing, and that His hand is in control, but it could be a very trying time for Rhonda, the president.  She is full of faith, and knows that God has the best for these precious children.  Remember, she only takes children in this school that would not be able to go to school unless everything was provided.   I believe it is a wonderful time for the school.   Letīs see, what else?  Mark is weaning off the crutches a little.  He is hobbling all over the farm.  Hannah is finishing up a round of antibiotics for an ear and throat infection, and a round of medicine for a skin fungus.   John is working like crazy in the afternoons.  He is fencing, building a pig pen, digging trenches, delivering lenia, and more.  He loves the physical workout.  He and Fernando and Hannah are also making some frozen Tang thing in a bag and selling it to everyone, friends and family.  They know just when to bring them out to make a profit, right after work time.  Faith is helping with the watering and keeping up with her school.  Timothy is learning to read, and playing in the water all the time!   Fernando and Gerardo start school this next Monday, Fernando in 4th and Gerardo in 6th.  They are still in school on our mountain.  Rolman, David, Neilson, and Elvis start collegio on the 19th.  The little guys follow a North American school schedule.  We are schooling right along, Hannah in 7th, John in 5th, Faith in 3rd, and Timmy in Kinder/1st. grade.   Blessings to you all, Paula
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