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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-02-07 21:28:24
Subject: Regarding Water

We are so thankful for water.  We are using it in every way possible, planting, sharing, drinking, showering, brushing teeth, flushing toilets, washing hands just for the fun of it, etc.  But I honestly am thankful for the time we had without it.  Never, ever would I have been able to understand my neighbors if we hadnīt gone through the plight of no water.  Did I like it, NO!  Was it fun, NO!  Was it depressing, YES!  But that is how the people live here.  It is like a heavy noose around the neck, that I believe no one even realizes is there.  I didnīt realize how heavy it was until it was gone.  Yes, we can share our water, this is a blessing. But people still have to haul it, they still have to plan the day around no water.  I could never have identified with that.   Water, it brings such life.  Things grow, things can be planted in the faith that the water will sustain them.  You can plant a beautiful rose knowing that you will be able to give it what it needs.  You can stand in the shower and feel clean.  You can get in the shower whenever you have time.  You can wash your hands as often as you think you need to.  You can flush every toilet, all day long.  You can clean, you can cook, you can play in it even.  Isnīt He our flowing river of water.  Doesnīt He bring us that Joy, that Faith, that satisfying refreshment.  He meets our every need.  We can go without water,  we can make it, because He is our water.  He is our source.  He breaks the yoke.  Going without physical water made me realize more of His water, of His rain, of His refreshment, because honestly there were days where physically I felt dry and parched.   Thank you my Father for your water, always flowing, always living, always alive, always all I need.  You are sufficient.  Amen.
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re: Regarding Water  by Mark on Wednesday February 07, 2007

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