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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-02-13 17:10:32
Subject: Hannah Update

Thank you to all of those who are lifting our precious Hannah up in prayer.  She is here in the states, at a friends house, resting.   We spent the morning at Cook's Children's Hospital here in Fort Worth.  Hannah's fever has subsided over the past two days, making her trip much easier.   The dr. we saw did extensive blood work on Hannah.  He is still culturing some blood to make sure there is nothing growing.  Her white cell counts are low, not alarmingly low though, considering that she is recovering from a serious viral infection.  Her liver count is high, not alarmingly high, but high.  He does not know why and is looking into that.  Basically what he concluded today is that she had strept throat, that the dr.s in Honduras did prescribe the correct medicine for even though they did not know it was that.  There is also indication that she had a hepatitis viral infection.  She is now conquering another viral infection.  Thus the low white counts.  He also sent out some other tests that we do not have results from yet.  Her ears looked crystal clear, which is amazing, because of the pain they have caused her.  This pain would be more from the strept virus she had, which she had for some time.  She is taking a strong antibiotic, and if test dictate she would go in for a round of antibiotics with an IV.   She has a type of development on her hand that honestly the dr. didn't know what it was, but suggested some things for it.  He also suggested some ways to try to stay on top of strep and ear infections with her.   I was very, very relieved that we were not looking at any type of meningitis.   Honestly her progression in the past two days has been phenomenal and we believe due to the prayers of the body of Christ.  Thank you.  The little girl I look at today is completely different than the little girl Mark and I were praying over 2 days ago.  All glory to our Father in Heaven, our creator and life giver.   We do not have news as to when we will return just yet.  Blood tests will take a few days, and she needs a full recuperation.   Again, thank you for your love and prayers, Paula
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