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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-03-05 11:58:43
Subject: Things I miss about Honduras

I remember when we moved to Honduras we each shared things we missed about the USA.  I know I probably spent way too much time lamenting the differences.  Well now I want to share what I miss about Honduras after being here in the states a while.  And now I am trying not to spend all my time lamenting what I miss about my home in Honduras! * It goes without saying that with my family back in Honduras I miss that the most.  It is very difficult to be without Mark, John, Faith and Timothy.  In Honduras we are always together.  I have to stay busy to not have my thoughts overwhelmed with them.  I continue to ask God to help me but honestly when alone I cry!   * I miss the boys tremendously also.  All the little things about them.  I wonder how they are, how they are doing in school, how they are sleeping, how the walk to school is, tucking them in, etc. * My friends and new family there.  Xiomara, Bierta, Rhonda, and all the others we have grown to love.  Just like when we left the states and I missed hearing from my friends and family and how things were going, what was going on,  I feel this way now about my new friends. *  Good refried beans!  The kind we eat with fresh cilantro, fresh tomatoes, and onion in them.   *  The absolutely gorgeous scenery,mountains of Honduras.  It truly is breathtaking where we live.  Our God is so creative and magnificent. *  The constant interaction with the people in the neighborhood and town.  You get to visit and see so many people when walking with the boys, just driving (because the windows are always down), or when in town at the internet, church, etc.  It is so easy to be social there.   *  Seeing new people and hearing what God is doing through the body.  Almost anytime you are out in Honduras you meet someone who is serving there in some way and you get to hear what God is doing.  You are  always hearing testimony or sharing it yourself.  It is a faith builder.  And gives you much to pray about and consider. *  Working in and seeing the farm.  I love the watering, the planting, walking around the farm, etc.   *  The warm sunshine *  The breathtaking nightime sky full of stars, constellations, and the moon.  It is brilliant.   So much more I am sure, but this is what hits me today! Blessings, Paula

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