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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-03-08 11:20:03
Subject: What is going on with Hannah

I will try to update to present what is going on with Miss Hannah.  Right now she is doing pretty well, running a low grade fever, probably from recovery still, and inflammation. Yesterday we saw the recommended ENT specialist.  He looked at her and explained all about her tonsils and adnoids, and that they need to be removed.   That day he had a cancelation in the surgery bookings, so is able to get Hannah in on Monday morning for the surgery.  It is a day surgery and will be done at Baylor Surgery Center.   Friday morning we will go to have the molds made for her mouth appliance, the Herbst.  After the airways are opened up, they hope that the jaw growth will be stimulated by the nitric oxide she will be getting from nose breathing, and so this appliance will help pull the jaw out and align things properly.  This has been the source of pain (when she has said her ears hurt, this is it).  The appliance will take 2-3 weeks to come in and then will be fitted for her.  Porter Briggs has helped locate an orhtodontist in Honduras that can service the appliance.  The orthodontist here in the states had the phone numbers of all licensed orthodontist in the world!   So that is that!  We are praying for speedy recovery, financial provision, and peace for Hannah.  She is doing well and is looking forward to seeing her dad and siblings.   Thank you for checking on us! Paula

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