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Entered By: Hannah
Entry Date: 2007-03-08 16:18:14
Subject: My essay for a contest

While I am here in Texas I am entering an essay contest at the Bob Bullock Museum.  The essay is regarding "Character".  You had to use an illustration from your own life.  Here is my essay. Character by Hannah Colbath age 13 The dictionary defines character as “an evaluation of a person’s moral and mental qualities”.  When I think of the type of character I want to have I see someone that is kind, wise, firm, loving, confident, respectful, giving, and loyal.  People of good character are needed in our country now more than ever.   Sometimes we have to make choices in our lives that are hard but we know it is right.  Do you choose the right or the wrong?  What type of character do you show?  All of us have been given a conscience to know right from wrong, but will fear and greed overtake us?   There was a time in my life when it was hard to choose the right thing.  Two years ago my dad and mom decided that the Lord had called them to mission work in Honduras.  After a year of my family and I praying and receiving counsel we moved to Honduras to run a boy’s home.  There were nine boys already living there.  It was very different there.  I have three other siblings and all of my family shared a room with enough beds for only three of us.  The food was not what I was used to, there was no water, and just sharing my parents was hard.  I had two choices:  pouting or looking at the bright side.  It took a while but I eventually chose accepting the truth and looking at the bright side.  Once I made that decision everything seemed better.  My siblings and I got another room to share, there was better food, and sharing my parents wasn’t bad at all.  We eventually even got water.  I believe our choices and actions define our character.  
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