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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-04-14 15:45:32
Subject: Saturday April 14, 2007

We are back into the goat business in a very limited manner. We now have a place to keep the goats close to the house in a fenced area (safer from the neighborhood dogs). Yesterday, we traded out the horse for two dairy goats and a billy goat. One of the nanny's is expecting a kid or two. We are waiting on the billy. We also have a donkey named Jill, same name my father gave his donkey. The donkey we bought last year to shepherd the goats, but for now the boys just ride her and she is possibly expecting a baby mule later this year. Hannah is taking photos of the latest improvements and we hope to get those posted on the site today. Paula is really getting serious with the garden now that we have the water to irrigate. She and the boys worked this morning pulling weeds, making rows and planting more seeds. We finished another small water project this morning. We installed another water line to go to the cow corral in the back. The boys and I dug a trench this week, laid the pipe this morning and covered the pipe after it was all done. Now the animals have water no matter which fields are closed for graising. It is really gratifying seeing all the improvements come together. Next week Jose will work on the chicken house in the garden. The chickens will be used to scratch up the soil on the unused half of the garden as well as fertilize it. We are thankful to the Lord and his people for helping us invest in this place and the orphans that live here. Our dog Rambo is turning into a real asset. He rarely barks unless there is something wrong. When he does bark, we spring to our feet and look for problems.
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