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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-04-15 22:48:58
Subject: Sunday April 15, 2007

This weekend we celebrated Mark's 40th birthday.  Everyone is always excited to have cake and ice cream.   Our Pastor made sure that everyone sang Happy Birthday to Mark in church today.   This weekend Elvis, the young man that helps here, let us know that he wants to go back to live with his family and attend school close to home.  He is 24 and his family lives in Comayuaga.  Elvis started this year attending collegio with our boys.  We are thankful for his time with us.  He was very responsible and a blessing to the boys.  David will especially miss as they were very close.  I know they will also miss his help with collegio schoolwork.  He helped a lot with the little boys homework and helping to pick everyone up from school.  He was a good example for the boys.  We will all miss him.  Pray for him that he will still be able to continue his education and follow the Father's call on his life.   Ely's mother came to visit today.  She wants to take Ely back, but has not gone through IHNFA to do so.  We asked her to please consider what is the best for Ely, and that we of course will do as IHNFA says.  We told her about his new school and he showed her his work.  So we do not know what will happen this week, but leave it in the Father's hands.  This is the 2nd. time she has come to visit over the past year and a half.  She told us that Ely was taken from her home by someone and that the police picked him up on the streets and took him to IHNFA.  Of course we don't know the entire story, but want a good home for Ely.  Of all the boys he seems to have suffered so much and it has definitely effected his behavior.   This past week was very warm.  We got a lot planted in the garden.  And I think that everyday the kids all went "swimming"  in our new large pilla.   Carlitos seems to be speaking more and more English, and definitely understands more and more every day.  All of the boys are getting better and better at English.   I hope that we are getting better and better at Spanish!  I know that I am picking up more of the songs in church.  Even though sometimes I have no idea what I am singing, I still sense such a sweet  spirit of worship in our church. The people are so very poor, and live in some of the worst of circumstances.  Their hearts are so full of God.  Today one of the pastor's preached a very staightforward word, Jesus is the River of Life.  He really challenged everyone to ask whether they were living from His river of life, or drinking from the river of death. I was concerned that people felt condemnation (I am still not completely used to the vehemency that sometimes is expressed here), but after a prayer time of repentance there was a joyous celebration of worship as a church.  Our head pastor shared a precious prayer of repentance himself, and then led the congregation in the celebration of Jesus' River of Life.  A favorite song in our church is, "The Happy Song".  Today there was dancing and declaration that Jesus is our Life.   Tonight at bible time in our home the boys were able to share about the message in church today.  They seem to have received.   As most Sundays, lunch was served at church.  We dished up hot dogs today.  All the ladies get together right after church and serve up the food.  After our lunch there today we went to San Juan Mercado to buy our weekly produce.  Mark had started going after church while Hannah and I were in the states.  I used to go on Thursday mornings.  The outdoor "farmer market" of types is open on Thursday and Sundays. It is fun to go and see all the produce and purchase.  I have a few people that I always do business with and had not seen them in a long time.   The boys were happy to buy tamales (very different here than what you are thinking!) and our kids were thrilled with the cotton candy (of course for all).  I was happy that mangos are back and grateful that we are able to buy an abundance of produce.  Hopefully as our garden grows we will be able to help the people on our mountain and in our church with abundant produce.   We had a blessed week and go to bed tonight thankful for each child we have and for all of those that help us help them and our community.   Blessings, Paula

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