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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2007-04-24 17:18:38
Subject: Tuesday April 24, 2007

Well I will call this past week a "Week of INFESTATION".  Some say this sounds like a B rate horror film, and it really wasn't that scarey.  On about Monday of last week I was sitting with the little guys helping with homework.  While playing around with them, I realized that they had some things living in their hair.  Yes, it was lice.  So I shaved everyone, and brought out the lice head wash.  We washed everyone even if they didn't have them just because I have never dealt with lice before, and frankly it wasn't something I wanted to see again!  So all the boys, Timothy included got a good shaving, not a 1 guard, no hair!  All the bedding was washed and hung out to dry. (We are not using our dryers anymore due to the $600 electric bill, they started metering electricity) Then in the next few days, Eli came home with some kind of sores all over him.  He could not return to school.  Some here say it is worms, some say chicken pox, some say insects.  I washed him good, put alcohol on all the sores, and then put on antibiotic cream.  Within 2 days they were clearing up and not spreading.  SO again, all bedding washed and hung out to dry.  We really have some clean bedding!   Everyone is fine and bug free thankfully.  I will say Mark and I itched for days even though we had none of the infestations.   Last Sunday a lady came to the door and wanted to talk to Gerardo. We did not know who she was.  When Gerardo came to see who it was, he also did not know who it was.  She introduced herself as his mother.  Gerardo has never met his mother, he was taken home from the hospital by a lady that had cared for him for over 9 years.  He calls this lady his grandmother, "abuela".  This lady wanted very much for Gerardo to run into her arms, which he was understandably not able to do.  We talked with her for a while.  I encouraged him to ask questions, he asked a few.  Mostly he sat with his head down saying, "I don't believe you."  She told him that he had been stolen from the hospital by the lady he calls his grandmother.  She has lived in the same town as he all these years.  She has many other children, and there is no father involved.  She also had some things to say that were obviously far from the truth, that she had heard that Gerardo was being stolen and taken to the United States, and other things.  She said a lot, and he listened. She asked if she could come back, and Gerardo said you can, but I don't want you to.  The lady came back on this Saturday, this time with 3 of her children that had lived with her.  Again she shared the same story with me.  Gerardo refused to see her.  The things she is saying do not line up with what the grandmother says, so honestly we have no idea what to believe.  I told her that this will take much time, prayer, and honesty.  I prayed with her, and encouraged her to write to Gerardo.  We pray with him.  He believes he has forgiven her as much as possible for whatever has transpired but does not want a relationship. Please pray for this situation.  We can't imagine the pain, but want him to walk it out, whatever that might mean.  For now we honor his wish to not visit with her, but encourage him to ask questions.   Rolman is settling down in school.  I think he is starting to get the drift; education is part of living here.  He is trying.   Everyone is busy with school, including our 4.   Mark is doing more and more of the farm work with so many things going on.   Our children are very happy to have had a room split.  This weekend we moved Timothy and John into a room, moved Carlitos into a room with Gerardo, and Arnol in the triple decker bunk room.  We were able to do this because David has moved out to the casita.  The colegio boys leave at 5:30, so they sleep out there where they have their things for breakfast in a small refrigerator.  It was so nice to be able to let our 4 split up.  They have been in 2 double beds (bunk) in a room that is 7x7.  They did great with it, but the silent complaints were hurting my heart.  We are also are getting rooms ready for visitors this summer.   I am doing more of the dinner cooking, so that we can have our helpers work more on the house.  It is a full time job keeping things clean and straight.  Everyone has chores, but it still is full time.  I don't know why things seem so much dirtier!   I guess that is about it!  I am off to make pancakes and eggs for dinner. Blessings, Paula
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