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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2007-04-28 22:05:29
Subject: Saturday Night Youth

    This evening we were sitting down talking. Paula had just returned with the girls from a birthday party in Comayagua. They were waiting on their pizza to finish baking. It had just turned dark when up came a little truck a bit smaller than my old Ford Ranger. We were wondering who it might be until we identified it as Pastor Gustavo's (our Honduran church pastor) truck.     We went out to greet Pastor Gustavo's family but instead were deluged by 18 teenagers and the youth group leader. We welcomed them in, not knowing what was going on, but you never know what might happen here...especially if you don't have a firm grip on Spanish.     You see, last week, one of our boys asked if he could go to a youth group meeting this day; at least I thought he did. Instead what he was saying that the youth group wanted to meet at our home.     Thankfully the Saturday Night Pizza Fest was pretty well cleaned up by the time they got here. The leader apologized for being late. They were supposed to arrive at 6:00 but did not make it here until 6:45. Thankfully they did not get here on time or they would have seen me spitting nails at our new goats. That's another story, but worth briefly mentioning.     You see, owning goats in Honduras means untangling their ropes every morning, moving them and leashing them up like junkyard dogs in a grassy area, untangle them at night and return them to their sleeping area. If there is the slightest chance that a pair of goats could cross ropes, you better believe that the whole flock will cross ropes, add some sticks to the array of knots and throw down the gauntlet to any Eagle Scout. While you are untangling the knots, the goats are busy wrapping what little rope they have left around fence posts, trees and barbed wire. Thus far milking a goat is a bit like football, judo and arm wrestling at the same time.     Anyway, back to youth night. We took it all in stride. They came in. They sat down, we all stood up to pray and then sang a few praise songs. The leader had a short Bible lesson (which I find much more effective than a two hour monologue) and then we prayed again. The young'ens broke up to play fusbol, jump the trampoline, watch a movie, drink sugar cane juice (a local favorite), enjoy some cookies and left shortly after. Our helper Jose had just purchased the cane juice (jugo de cana) this morning and left the bulk of it for us. I didn't know what to say when he gave it to us because I was thinking of what I could possibly do with three gallons of a liquid that is unbearably sweet to our American taste buds.     Paula has been hoping to host something for our church, and well, God is faithful to fill the desires of our hearts. The leader asked if they could meet here once a month. We'll see them in May. I also love having and serving guests. Thankfully we had no understandable warning of their arrival, so we didn't fret about cleaning up before they arrived...but they might have been grateful if I had showered after wrestling goats, cleaning pigs and digging trenches most of the day.
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